Ready for a groaner?

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Ready for a groaner?

Post by DML » Mon May 05, 2008 12:52 am

April 44 BC.

A fruit grower in ancient Rome was amazed one day to find a berry that was more round, more colorful, and in every way more perfect than any berry he had ever seen. He plucked it, and took it home to his wife. The wife was so amazed at the perfection of this berry that she chose not to eat it, and instead took it around and showed it to her friends. Word spread, and soon people were coming from all over the land to see this magnificent fruit. The grower and his wife soon became rather wealthy by charging people admission to view the berry. Such was its beauty that lines formed outside of the grower’s house day and night with people waiting to pay for the privilege of viewing an example of nature's perfection. It was not very long before word of this reached Octavious. Being the emperor, he did not consider it proper that he, should be deprived of this perfect berry, so he sent a centurion and 10 soldiers to retrieve it and bring it to him.

It was very late at night when the soldiers arrived at the grower’s
house. They pounded on the door. "Go away, we're closed for the day",
shouted the grower from his bed. "We have come for the berry", the
centurion called back. "Come back tomorrow, there's no more viewing of
the berry tonight", shouted the grower, beginning to lose his patience.
"You don't understand", called the centurion... "We come to seize your
berry, not to praise it.
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