Boar hunting in the N. Carolina or Tenn. Smokies?

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Boar hunting in the N. Carolina or Tenn. Smokies?

Post by The Shrink » Thu Jan 19, 2006 7:14 pm

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This combination gun is sitting up and begging me to take it boar hunting once I have made ammo for it!

Anybody have any experiences, good or bad, doing such? Any recommendations to go with or to avoid?

I'm looking for the descendents of Russian Black Boar that were released in those mountians generations ago. I'm wondering when to go, given that the taste of the flesh is influenced by what they are eating. I've got a couple of months exercise before my ankle is back in shape after Achilles Tendon surgery, so there's not a great hurry.

I'm wondering who to contact, beyond those advertising in the American Hunting Club magazine. Cost is always a concern, of course.

I expect to have the combination gun shooting by March.

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