2007 Wyoming Antelope - ML

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2007 Wyoming Antelope - ML

Post by Poison Slinger » Mon Nov 26, 2007 10:15 pm

Not really a BPCR hunt – but with a muzzle loader (close to topic).

This year, for the second year in a row I drew a ML tag for the South Pass area of Wyoming; just south of Lander. South Pass, as some of you may recall, is the site of one of the Freund brother’s shop in the BPCR days (there is my topic link!). The State has a great park set up there now, complete with restored old-west buildings.

We normally start out stalk hunting in mornings and then sitting up in a favorable spot for the later afternoon and evening. This year was no exception and by the second day I had an opportunity for my first antelope buck. I’m usually a meat hunter, but the chance presented itself with my any-sex tag. Since this one was a younger buck, I figured the flavor wouldn’t to strong. I was under a pine tree at about 4pm and had 3 does and this guy walk to within 55 yards of me. Lately I have been using a turkey mesh mask to cover my face and I really believe that it helps. I was able to stare directly at them for several minutes and they didn’t seem to note I was there (or didn’t see me as a threat).

Particulars: Replica Wesson Muzzle Loader; .50 cal, 1:66 twist, patched .495 round-ball, 70gr of Swiss 1½ Fg powder. I have a Lyman 438 Field scope mounted to aid my bad shooting eye. This load is accurate to about 2 in at 100 yards.

Rick Patton

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