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Aid for aging eyes.

PostedCOLON Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:53 pm
by Brent
Those of you like me, with eyes that aren't as sharp as they used to be, may benefit from something I have been experimenting with this past year. My eyes are not horrible, and I generally only wear glasses for reading so, this may not be a solution for everyone.

My problem, of course, is seeing the target, front sight, and barrel sight (if not using a tang sight), all at one time. Getting the front sight to focus at all can be difficult. And targets can disappear or become a fuzzy spec.

I have read about putting really low diopter lens in Merit eyecups and custom sights with things like that -not legal for BPCR/TR of course. However, that gave me the idea of looking for 0.5+ glasses to experiment with. And, it turns out, you can find anything on Amazon. They are available as safety glasses or reading glasses. They take a little more searching because most readers start at about 1.5+ and that is too much and glasses with the diopter only in the lower portion of bifocals won't work either. But there are such glasses out there.

Using a set of 0.5+ safety glasses with my old flintlock with barrel sights, I could suddenly see my front sight and target perfectly or my barrel sight and front sight perfectly. Getting all three wasn't really working, but it was still a big improvement for me.

Then I discovered that I could really use this well with my BPCR/TR rifles and the aperture tang sight. Man, everything was super crisp! It was like magic. I also tried 1.0+ glasses, but they were too strong and the target was not visible. I would like to try 0.75+ but have not been able to do that yet.

Going back to the flintlock (and my fancy "new" Stevens Model 35 pistol), I wanted to get that aperture effect with barrel sights. A little searching on on line finds many different types of stick-on apertures. Some are plastic that you wet and then stick on with water tension. Some have a suction cup with a little crane that holds an eye cup. You can swing the crane in and out of view as needed when you are shooting or between shots. That is my favorite. Or, you could just take some black electrical tap and punch a small hole in it and stick it on just the right position on your shooting glasses. Any of these will dramatically improve the performance of the weak diopters. Obviously, you do not benefit from these stick on apertures if you are already using a tang or receiver sight with a small aperture.

Amazon has all of this stuff so you can search for stuff that works best for you, but if you struggle with seeing or have your eyes fatigue on a long 15-shots plus sighters relay, this may help.

Give it a try.

Re: Aid for aging eyes.

PostedCOLON Sun Jan 26, 2020 8:22 am
by horseman308
That's pretty cool. I'm "only" 41 (my wife keeps telling me I was born in the wrong century...), but my eyesight is so bad I'm close to legally blind without glasses or contacts (and it gets harder every year to find contacts that work). I know I'll have to start coming up with alternative sighting solutions before too much longer, and I really don't want to go to scopes.

It also seems like it might be wise for the NRA to consider changing some of its rules to accommodate different sighting solutions. If the average age of BPCR competitors is going up, you have to assume that comes with the natural aging issues, and eyesight is probably first.