Questions on tang screw for Pedersoli Sharps

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Questions on tang screw for Pedersoli Sharps

Post by horseman308 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:45 pm

I'm re-posting in the General section since the original post didn't get any traction in the gunsmithing section. Mods, please do as you need in case this is a no-no.

I put Lee Shaver sights on my Pedersoli 74 Sharps. It's got that issue where the original tang screw is too long when used under the sight mounting plate, and interferes with the triggers. The screw was shortened some, but I wonder how much it should be shortened. When operating the triggers with the sight removed) I can see the screw actually move in its hole when setting and firing the triggers. I assume this is not correct?

Also, I need to replace the front tang screw. I buggered up the slot and would rather start with a new screw.
VTI Gunparts lists that screw but only shows a straight stock diagram and does not differentiate whether that screw will fit the pistol grip stock. Is it the same screw for both stocks? VTI has not responded to an email. Is there a better source for that screw? Thanks
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