Rolling Block Sight Problem???

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Rolling Block Sight Problem???

Post by Rayolamp » Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:40 am

I have a Remington RB that was reworked into a #1 sporting rifle, octagon receiver, pistol grip tang, contoured trigger gaurd.
The rifle was fitted with a Badger 34 inch octagon barrel.

It is fitted with a Lee Shaver economy Long Range tang sight and spirit level front sight. Were on the rifle when I bought it.

Now for my problem. The sight uses the pedersoli type base, do not like that at all!
Second, the peep hole windage adjustment needs to be set at 12 clicks (markings on the windage staff) to the left to be inline with the bore, I have shot one match out to 600? yards on the rams, no wind. And thats where it hits. Once you know where to set the sight, it will hit all day long.
The base looks like its even with the bore, staff looks level? to the barrel, so I am clueless as to why you must set it this way?
Might not be a big deal to some but the setting and the base drive me nuts!

Any ideas? Wanting to get back into the shoots, need to get out more. But this sight thing, argh!!!.....

Honestly thinking about upgrading to an MVA #107 but need to find someone in the Denver Co area that can possibly figure out whats going on before I try and upgrade.
Anyone know someone whos well versed with these sights?

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Re: Rolling Block Sight Problem???

Post by Arnie » Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:27 pm

If the sights all plumb correct ,you may have a really bad crown at the muzzle .Is this barrel a reline ? I had one that the reline was off at the muzzle .

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Re: Rolling Block Sight Problem???

Post by Vbull » Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:46 am

It could be the crown. It could be the bore is not concentric with the exterior of the barrel. I have a couple rifles that the bore at the muzzle is off quite a bit and had to drift the front sight to one side in order to get the rear centered on a no wind zero. In fact, most of my rifles front sights are not exactly on center by a few thousands due to whatever.
For whatever reason, my wife's rifles are set almost 5moa different then my rifles. It has to be something about how our eyes lenses work. FM