Beginner's schuetzen book

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Beginner's schuetzen book

Post by Crash Landing » Mon Oct 29, 2007 8:25 pm

If you, or your company, are makers of schuetzen rifles, barrels, sights, molds, or other schuetzen related implements, this is an opportunity to help you reach your market. I am writing a book for beginning schuetzen shooters. It is a how-to book covering everything from schuetzen history, to acquiring a rifle, purchasing the proper equipment, casting match-grade bullets, loading methods (both smokeless and black powder), to basic wind doping. The book is fully illustrated and packed with tips & tricks that I have learned over 30 years of schuetzen shooting, all directed at helping new shooters get started.

To help new shooters acquire the proper equipment, there is a comprehensive chapter presenting companies and individuals who offer schuetzen related products and services. If you would like to avail yourself of this opportunity, please contact me to be included. I will need to know what you offer and some good photos of your products.

Time is of the essence, so if you want to be included, don’t procrastinate, shoot me an email or call me. Both the manuscript and illustrations are over half finished. The planned availability date for the book is late summer of 2008 and production is on track to make that schedule.
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