The 2016 BPTR/BPCR Western Nationals - Raton, NM

Here is the place for timely discussions of NRA rule changes, Whittington Center National matches, etc. Let's get these changes and concerns out in the open for all to see and discuss.
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The 2016 BPTR/BPCR Western Nationals - Raton, NM

Post by JIMOFATL » Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:50 pm

2016 Black Powder Cartridge Rifle and Black Powder Target Rifle Western Nationals
Whittington Center – Raton, NM
18 July, 2016 through 24 July, 2016

The timing is right for changes to be made in the Black Powder Nationals. In the past 10 years, all sorts of circumstances have decreased attendance in this venue. Let’s not waste time commiserating in the past. Let’s put our efforts towards the future of our sport.

Believe it or not, I believe the NRA has been listening to our complaints in the past, but because of internal personnel constraints, nothing was resolved or communicated. This has caused much anger and frustration in our ranks. In recent days they have affirmed there will be two Nationals, both East and West this year. The thinking being this would increase attendance. They feel it would be better to bring the competitions closer to the shooters, rather than the opposite There will be more on that later.
In an effort to change this around and increase attendance, they are going outside for help in managing the 2016 BPTR/BPCR Nationals. Another was scheduling the two disciplines in a two-week time frame. I have changed that to a one-week schedule, similar to schedules we had years ago. (I hate that term, ‘years ago’ ) This year the cartridge rifle and target rifle competitions will fall in a shorter time frame to make the costs more bearable for the entrants and give them as much shooting as they can stand. The Whittington Center has agreed to a five to seven-year agreement to hold the Nationals on the same yearly dates for planning purposes. In 2017, these dates will most likely be in the August time frame. I hope these changes will bring back some who have avoided the Nationals in the past. We are now being managed by one of us. I think that alone will help in communicating our needs. The schedule is firm this year and no changes will be made. The competitors meeting this year will be a time for discussing the 2017 schedule. This year is an attempt to make things right again. It is not a utopian plan, but a start in the right direction.

At this time, I am firming up sponsors for this year’s event. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. A little teaser. How about a multi rifle drawing? I knew that would get your attention. LOL There is one stipulation on attending this year. I say this at all of my Regionals. “You could be disqualified, if I catch you not having fun.”

When you first look at the schedule, it might seem a little confusing, but it will allow flexibility in your scheduling. For example, a silhouette scope shooter could elect to shoot prone or position on their off day.

Monday, 18 July: Registration (BPCR/BPTR), chronographing for target rifles and practice on both ranges
Tuesday, 19 July:
• Silhouette - Scope Mid-Range – Position
Wednesday, 20 July:
• Silhouette – Scope Mid-Range – Position
• Competitors meeting after the matches.
Thursday – 21 July:
• Silhouette – Iron Mid-Range – Prone
Friday, 22 July:
• Silhouette – Iron Mid-Range – Prone
• Friday evening will be awards and Sponsor drawings for all attendees. You must be in attendance for the drawings.
Saturday, 23:
• Creedmoor
Sunday, 24 July:
• Creedmoor
• Awards for Creedmoor and Iron Man after the match.

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