Allowing replica black powder in BPCR

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Allowing replica black powder in BPCR

Post by Gomez » Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:11 pm


I recently got reamed on the Shiloh forum for a letter I sent to the NRA Silhouette Committee petitioning for a rule change or clarification on the use of replica BPs like GOEX Pinnacle in BPCR Silhouette.

What drew me to BPCR was the strict adherance to historical accuracy evidenced in the NRA rules. I believe that it should be a black only discipline. However, the rules specifically allow Pyrodex and my point was, if Pyrodex then why not all? I would be perfectly happy with a BP only rule but it should be one or the other.

Subsequent to the fire storm I withdrew my petition from the NRA meeting agenda. If the reaction on that forum is a barometer, the black powder community as a whole would probably be against it, if not quite so profanely.

Prior to the submission, I had a conversation with Dan Gallivan, VP of GOEX, to see if he would support such a proposal. He did not stating "GOEX is a black powder company." He said that they put out the Pinnacle product only to secure a market position should black be outlawed or made so difficult to transport and store that it is effectively banned. Something we all hope does not happen and must defend against.

Bottom line, the proposal was a bad idea. While I don't appreciate or condone the way in which the idea, or I, was treated, I admit that it was a mistake given the passion for historical accuracy within the BPCR community.

Question: Do all of you agree? As for me, I have come home to Holy Black.


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Post by Jim Milner » Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:27 pm

Gomez, or is it Rob Dorsey, or maybe Jim Zumbo
You really don't learn very well do you. Give it a break, you got your answer on the Shiloh forum
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