2006 NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championship Rule Changes

Here is the place for timely discussions of NRA rule changes, Whittington Center National matches, etc. Let's get these changes and concerns out in the open for all to see and discuss.
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2006 NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championship Rule Changes

Post by Subsailor » Thu Dec 29, 2005 12:24 pm

Key items for the "06" Championship at Raton

1. Black Powder or Pyrodox only in all events. No smokeless of any kind.

2. There will be a Scope Category award in each event.

3. To save time with the Mid-range andCreedmoor matches, pair firing will be in effect. Two shooters will be given 53 or 63 minutes to fire their 10 shots plus sighters.

4. Pit pullers will be required to keep a "pit shot record card" of all hits on the target within a relay.

5. New bullet minimum requirements for the Creedmoor match are as follows:
Cal Min Bullet Wt. Min Bullet Vel.
38 cal 408 (375) 1300 (1375)
40 cal 408 1280
44 cal 450 1240
45 cal 510 1200
50 cal   600 1200  

(There may be a 2% variance on bullet weight or velocity)
* Note changes in 38cal. Velocity allowances will be given within above stated minimums.

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Post by Tailhook » Thu Dec 29, 2005 1:14 pm

Yes, I remember the threads that were lost and to summarize, I do understand that this isn't the appropriate place to try and get answers about the whys and wherefores of the BP LR rules. I am also aware that the rules presented are not really NRA rules but Whittington Center requirements. However, having witnessed some of the results of previous efforts to get smaller bore rifles accepted in the game, I figure boards like this are the best place for spleen venting. Letter writing works well if you want to get stuff excluded from competition but, not very useful in efforts to expand the sport. Therefore, I figure this is a good place for me to whine since I can reread when I get more bored.

From visiting the NRA site, best I can tell is there must be some sort of a sliding bullet weight vs velocity scale for 38's? It still intrigues me that a ballistically superior bullet has to go faster to be entered. I'm no rocket scientist by any means but, I'm pretty sure if you take 2 bullets of the same weight (and for arguments sake the same design), the skinnier bullet will have to be longer and have a higher ballistic coefficient and if launched at the same velocity as the fatter bullet, it will drop less while going downrange. It would seem that if safety is an issue, that would be a good thing. For some reason, it is a bad thing when shooting at Raton. I'm not really looking for an explanation, just whining (it is really boring here and I'm anxious to get my move started to hurricane/flood land.

Sorry guys, this continued disregard for ballistics and Pit Safety continues to bug me. Funny thing is, if I remember correctly, before the powers that be became aware that someone would even consider shooting something smaller than a .40 in LR, a scope record was set with a 38-50. I can't find the results. Am I hallucinating?


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National Records

Post by Hiwall » Thu Dec 29, 2005 4:28 pm

You gotta dig but they are there. Try; "National Rifle Association Official National Records as of 12/28/2005".
No details found as yet.

This is on the NRA web site... good luck.

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The MIN 40 Syndrome/Discrimination 38

Post by beltfed » Sun Jan 01, 2006 7:57 pm

Tho, I have not "graced" Raton with my presence yet, I will sure as H##%
not consider going there for the BP championships with this kind of Idiocy.
Esp when you consider that two guys placed 4th and 5th in Creedmoor with .38s.
Maybe that's the problem- those boys /Barrel Mfg that are locked in re twist, and the Macho big bore SH*T and are getting scared and have influenced the Rules Committee????

Methinks maybe its time for a boycott of Raton events-at least Creedmooe- accordingly until the Rules Committee gets off of its Uninformed Prejudice.
Other Creedmoor matches can be held elsewhere.


Kelley O. Roos
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Post by Kelley O. Roos » Sun Jan 01, 2006 11:30 pm


It's not the rules comp committee, it's the Black Powder committee, as in Lee Shaver, George Harris and Cindy Julien. Take the issue up with those three. And good luck.

Kelley O.

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Post by Vbull » Tue Jan 03, 2006 8:28 pm

I took a look at the NRA web site for rule changes and did not see anything that has been changed yet for 2006. The web site does list some rule changes that were in effect for 2005. These changes concern the Target rifle events and not Silhouette. Frank M.