Stevens 44 hammer needed, any leads?

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Stevens 44 hammer needed, any leads?

Post by longcaribiner » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:42 pm

I have a Stevens 44 in 25-21, the Ideal reloading tool, some brass, etc.

The hammer spur broke off.

I've watched some of the auctions, and usually the person just knows it is a Stevens, but 44, 44&1/2, or favorite and they can't answer. Guess I'll just pay to have an extension welded on.

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Stevens Iron

Post by crossfireoops » Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:38 pm

............the snag your weldor will hit is going to be similar to welding on a Mauser a bolt handle conversion. The case hardened surface will be Iron Carbide rich, .....and the inner core will be very weldable.

TIG it, with good argon, and chill plates outside'a the immediate zone.

Brownells finally came up with an .045 filler, in their excellent 3.5 Nickle Steel.......

Funny, they used to call the stuff 3.3 Nickle.

A good hand should be able to make a very strong, and cosmetically in-offensive weld repair......and than you should be ready to soak up the inevitable risk of "Quench Cracking" when the thing is re-cased. That risk just goes with this territory........Annealing the hammer properly, with a protracted cool off period ( bury in Lime) can't hurt........It'll pull some carbon outta' the originally cased skin,....but the Carbides are there, and you'll just have to work with, and around 'em....that's where the nickle comes to the fore.

Usually the hammer breakage on this model can be attributed to a cramp / bind.......back where the hammer falls into the rear reciever cutout, at full be sure to remediate that, if found.......we're talkin' ten- twenty thousandths here.....modify the hammer, not the original reciever.

Good Luck, and best regards,

GTC 8)

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Stevens hammer

Post by longcaribiner » Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:45 pm

Finally located a replacement hammer from a 25-20 Stevens model 44. Hope to have the gun together shortly.