My Final Project (at least for now)

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My Final Project (at least for now)

Post by DRCook » Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:48 pm

Well I decided to have 1 more last and final rifle built and yes its another CPA.

Here are the specs

.44 cal (.429 bore so actually a .42 or .43 cal - same bore as a .44 mag or .444 marlin) 1:16 twist Douglas barrel. I am still debating as to a nbr 4 or nbr 5 profile, 32" long

I ordered a reamer to build this on a 45 2.6 case, Dave Manson named it the 44-95 for me so....

Steve Brooks is going to build me a Creedmore bullet mold and is going to help me with the particulars

Kelley O. Roos
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Post by Kelley O. Roos » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:24 pm


You'll have a bottle 44. Actually you'll have a 100 as the 44-100 is 2.6 long.

I just finished my High-Wall 44-100 and will be testing it tomorrow. Thing is long and holds 89G. of 3F. Swiss with .030 compression, that is just the wad diameter for compression.

Kelley O.

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Post by DRCook » Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:28 pm


I am having the reamer ground using the same geometry conceptually as Dave Crossno (spelling?) did with the 40-82 and of course the 40-65 has, ie: a taper down and then straight, so I shouldn't be ending up with a bottleneck, if you have a fax, I would be glad to share the print with you.

Anyway, I'm thinking this might work out well, and yes I had heard via the grapevine (Kenny W to be precise) that you were working up a 44.

Steve Brooks told me that he had built a 429 on a 45-70 case a few years ago and it worked well for him

have a good day!
dave c.