Stevens 44 1/2 barrel for sale/trade

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Stevens 44 1/2 barrel for sale/trade

Post by forrest2906 » Thu Dec 28, 2006 8:01 pm

I purchased a new rifle and have an extra barrel that I will not use.
The barrel is 40-70SBN. The Barrel is half round. pictures can be seen by searching gunsamerica and using "cpa stevens" without the quotes to search. The gun with two barrels is the one. The barrel not on the gun is the one for sale. Forearm not included. barrel only.
I will be selling the scope at a later time if anyone has an interest in it.
Lyman super targetspot 20x has endcaps and is in very good shape.

I am looking to have a 45-70 barrel made for the gun, and I already have a 45-100. That way I will be set for long range and also silhouette.

If anyone is interested in a trade or buying this barrel, let me know. I am asking $350 for the barrel.
If I do not find a 45-70 barrel for the gun, I will be sending to CPA shortly after the first of the year to have one made.
Thanks, Chuck