Trapdoor repair

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Trapdoor repair

Post by txhunter » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:37 pm

Does anyone know a good gunsmith in the Fort Worth area? A friend has a trapdoor that has been in his family forever and he would like to see if it can be made shootable. The bore in a little rusty and the firing pin appears to be bent. The exterior of the rifle looks to be in great shape.
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Re: Trapdoor repair

Post by Frontier Soldier » Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:48 pm

Hi TxHunter,
I see your question was never answered. I can't tell you anything about gunsmiths in the Ft. Worth area, but I can offer a little help with the rifle.
As far as the bore goes, tell your buddy to scrub the hell out of it with a good solvent. It may take time depending on how bad the rust is and how much leading may be hiding under that rust. Croft Barker has a nice publication " Restoring and shooting the single shot military rifle". He has a good process for cleaning a dirty barrel in there. He may want to invest in that book.
The firing pin appearing bent. Here is a simple test you can perform. My guess is that the pin is broken. Tell your buddy to open the breechblock and grasp the hammer end of the pin with his fingers and the other end with needle nose pliers and pull either direction. If one end moves and the other does not, the pin is broken. Not an uncommon occurrance with these arms. The pins normally break at the small end. Parts are available from Al Frasca at
Tell your buddy that my fee for the advice is him getting that rifle cleaned up, and proper .50-70 black powder ammunition fed to it, and lots of enjoyment had in hearing it shoot again.
P.S.- Tell him to be very careful in dismounting the rifle, and if he needs help, or doesn't know how, ASK.

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Re: Trapdoor repair

Post by ian45662 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:20 pm

It may even be in 45/70 but trapdoors will still shoot good even if the bore is not perfect. Along with the book that was already mentioned I would get a coppy of the 45/70 book from wolf publishing if infact it is 45/70 That book does a great job in explaining how to recreate the original trapdoor loads which there are a few. I have found that kroil does a good job at getting lead and gunk out which I am sure that his gun has in it but at that it should still be a good shooter