Courtesies and Privileges of Medal of Honor Recipients


1. Enlisted personnel who are awarded the Medal of Honor are authorized one automatic promotion if not already serving in the highest enlisted grade.


2. Each recipient receives a monthly [$600.00] pension from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


3. Enlisted recipients who retire with 20 or more years of service receive a 10 percent increase in retired pay, not to exceed the 75 percent maximum [that a retiree with 30 or more years of service can receive].


4. Recipients are issued a special Medal of Honor Travel and Identification Card signed by the Service Secretary. This entitles recipients who are not on active duty and not military retirees to use space-available military air transportation.


5. Unlike [active duty and reserve] military personnel and retirees, Medal of Honor recipients may wear their uniforms at any time or place they choose. They receive a special uniform issue in conjunction with this privilege.


6. Recipients who are not on active duty and not military retirees are issued a DoD Identification Card, as are their dependents. It authorizes them military commissary, post exchange, and theater privileges. All of the Services, consistent with DoD policy, authorize use of morale, welfare and recreation activities, including honorary club membership without dues.


7. Children of Medal of Honor recipients are not subject to quotas if they are qualified and desire to attend one of the U.S. military academies.


8. All Medal of Honor recipients, as members of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, receive invitations to attend Presidential inaugurations and accompanying festivities. Military recipients and those who are civil servants have traditionally been authorized administrative absence in lieu of chargeable leave to attend.


9. Some States have special license plates for Medal of Honor recipients.


10. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides a special engraved headstone for deceased recipients of the Medal of Honor.


11. Many installation commanders memorialize deceased Medal of Honor recipients by naming streets, buildings, or halls in their honor.


12. Medal of Honor recipients should be accorded on-base billeting commensurate with the prestige associated with the Medal of Honor.