BPCR Supplies and Suppliers:


2nd Amendment Research and Development, Manufacturers of military, custom, & obsolete, ammunitions and firearms, bullet moulds for sale

Advance Engineering Technology, Vernier Soule Gun Sights

Back Pocket Gun Cart, "The fastest gun cart in the West."

Badger Barrels, Inc., high quality match barrels contoured to original factory specs

Steve Baldwin, Baldwin Soule type sights

Ballistol, "The World's Most Use-ful & Environmentally Friendly Lubricant"

Beyond 1000 Yards!, "Custom Target, Varmint, Hunting, & Law Enforcement Rifles. Black Powder Cartridges through .50 BMG"

Bill Ferguson, the Antimony Man, Lead, Alloys, and Casting Equipment

Black Dawg Cartridge Company, black and smokeless powder cartridges

Blue Star Cartridge & Brass

Blunderbuss -I opened a black powder only store called The Blunderbuss two weeks after Deans' Firearms closed. I am in the same building, and carry Goex and Swiss BP. - Jim Fox, Proprietor. The Blunderbuss - The finest in muzzleloading, cap and ball firearms and black powder fixings. -Phone 720-207-2843, FAX 303-480-1317, 7080 W. Colfax Ave, Lakewood, Co. 80214

Brooks Moulds Brooks "Tru-Bore" bullet moulds

Buffalo Arms Company, great supplies for the BPCR shooter

Bullshop - Cast Bullets and Lubes. We are a custom casting business, and sell some casting supplies. We also sell bullet lubes unique to our business. If you would like to know more you may email me: bullshop@wildak.net

Butch's Products, cleaning and lube products

Cabela's, black powder brass, wads, components, and shooting supplies

Carn Metals, manufacturers of high quality tin casting alloys in the UK

Casting Stuff, Cabine Tree products and shooting accessories

Cal-Graf, wooden shooting boxes, carts, and accessories

Cecil Fredi Gunstock Blanks

CH-4D, reloading dies for all calibers, custom work

Classic Bullets - BPCR and Cowboy cast bullets, as well as other shooting suppies

Circle Fly Wads, precision wads

Classic Scopes, classic Unertl, Lyman, Fecker, and Redfield 3200 scopes

Colorado Shooter's Supply, Dave Farmers's lathe-cut custom Hoch Moulds

Corbin Swaging, bullet swaging equipment and supplies

Dave Crossno Gun Stocks, "We primarily cut single shot stocks - Rolling Blocks, Winchester, Sharps, Ballards, etc"

Dillon Precision, loading equipment

Distant Thunder Shooting Products, Front Sights, Decapper, etc.

Douglas Barrels, "Precision barrels for over 50 years."

D.Z. Arms, Remington Hepburn and Rolling Block specialty services, Target drawings.

The Original "Golden Powder", its story

GOEX Black Powder

Green Mountain Rifle Barrels, "...top competitive shooters choose Green Mountain..."

Gun Index.com, Internet Firearms Industry and Trade Directory

Harrell's Precision powder measure - "...the only complete line of premium powder measures available."

Ron Heilman Sights: Ron is a craftsman of the first order. Ron makes Soule sights in short, medium and long range configurations. The sights can be had with vernier markings on either side, depending on your choice. windage adjustments up to 40 minutes are also available. Ron also makes a spirit level front sight. The level is inside the globe, and the sight uses Lyman 17 A inserts. Prices for the tang sight are from $225.00 to $275.00 and the front spirit level is $110.00 Ron can be reached at 253-840-2623 or r.a.heilman@worldnet.att.net

Hodgdon Powder, "The brand that's true."

Huntington, RCBS loading equipment, parts, and specialty dies

Jedediah Starr Trading Company, Components and Accessories for the Builder, Hunter, Shooter, Re-enactor and Collector

Jeffs Outfitters - Shooting accessories, sights, rifle cases, etc.

Kermitool, Inc. - Hoke vernier short, mid, and long range tang sights - and other products

KOWA Scopes - JarheadTop - great prices on KOWA scopes

Guy Lautard.Com - Provider of Books, Plans, Videos and Workshop Accessories for Machinists, Gunsmiths, Metalworkers, and clockmakers

LBT, HCR 62 Box 145, MOYIE SPRINGS, IDAHO 83845, LBT Hardness Tester, Their email address is: LBTisAccuracy@imbris.net. Their catalog is free on request. (NOTE from Rick: Not required, but I think it would be a help to Veral and Judy if you would send them a couple of First Class stamps with your catalog request.)

Lee Precision Inc., casting and loading equipment

Lee Shaver, sights, .22 LR insert, moly lube

Lock, Stock & Barrel, casting equipment and shooting supplies

Lyman Products, casting and loading equipment

Magma Engineering, high volume casting and reloading equipment

Maine Powder House, Swiss and Elephant brand black powders

Meister Bullets, bullets, brass, and loaded ammunition

Merit Corporation, sight and sighting enhancements

Midway USA, "World's Largest Shooting and Reloading Superstore"

MLV Enterprises, Books on shooting the firearms of the old west

Montana Vintage Arms, vintage types of optical and iron sights, as well as shooting accessories

Mr. Quigley Photography  PO Box 1414, Mayer,AZ 86333, 602 690 5901, quigleyphoto@cableone.net

Mt. Baldy Bullet Company, "Hand casting all your Black Powder Cartridge Needs," "Real Bullets for Real Guns."

Mountain Molds, "Specializing in semi-custom cast bullet molds"

MTM Molded Products, Manufactures of Case-Gard Ammo boxes and shooting Acc. 3370 Obco Ct., Dayton, OH 5414, 937-890-7461, allenm@mtmcase-gard.com

NEI-Handtools, Back in production again, cherry-cut bullet moulds, (915) 772-0259 Ph., (208) 279-9066 Fax

Nielson Brothers Arms, Inc. , Accurate Shooting accessories

Old West Bullet Molds,
Bullet moulds are personally handcrafted individually by Bernie Rowles, and are custom cherry cut brass moulds.allisonmonument@aol.com

Old West Scrounger, obsolete ammunition

Parsons Scope Service, "We specialize in vintage scope repair."

Parts Unknown Inc., front sights, Soule universal tang sights, call toll free: 1-866-239-9451, email: spustogo@shaw.ca

Paul Jones Moulds, lathe-cut molds for the descriminating shooter

Davide-Pedersoli, Pedersoli is the worlds largest mfr. of BP firearms of all types and they also make tang sights, front sights, bullet moulds and a huge amount of different accessories and equipment catering to the BP target and silhouette shooter as well as for hunters and plinkers. Pedersoli supplies guns for Dixie, Cabelas, Navy Arms, Cimmaron, Cherry's, Traditions and dozens of other dealers who stamp their own name on a Pedersoli built firearm. Of special interest to new shooters setting up a new rifle is their wood boxed match grade Soule tang sight plus a match grade adjustable windage and spirit level hooded front sight, Hadley type adjustable eyecup, front inserts and extra colored spirit level bubbles, all for approx. $300. from these US dealers. The complete Pedersoli illustrated catalog is found at www.davide-Pedersoli.com.

Pioneer Products, 254 Johnsville Brookville Road, Brookville, OH, 45309, Custom Bullet Molds, shooting supplies and accessories.

Powder, Inc., master distributor of GOEX powder

Quick Measure, "The powder measure for serious reloaders,"

RCBS, casting and loading equipment

Redding/Saeco, casting and loading equipment

Renegade Products Corporation, Renegade Black Gunpowder

Research Press, specialists in reprints of hard to find and out of print articles on firearms, target shooting and military history

R.H.O. Instruments, "We manufacture high quality Malcolm-type telescopic sights and mounts for: Sharps, Remington, Winchester and other 19th century single shot rifles."

Richard Corbin, RCE Co., bullet swaging equipment and supplies

Rocky Mountain Cartridge, "...obsolete and hard to find cartridge cases..."

Sagebrush Products, Premium shooting products (...and just plain good folks.)

Safety Cartridge Seater , The great tool from Scott Ross for 'urging' that cartridge into the chamber. longridr@mtintouch.net

Schuetzen Black Powder, "Swiss," "Schuetzen," and "Elephant" brand black powders

Shooter's Choice, cleaning and lube products

SPG, SPG lubricant, "The Black Powder Cartridge News" quarterly magazine, and shooting accessories

Starline Brass, "For over 25 years, Starline has provided the highest quality brass at the best price."

Texas Bore Pigs  Get 'er done. Clean between shots.

Track of the Wolf, "Muzzle Loading & Black Powder Guns"

Treebone Carving, George Petersen, treebone@earthlink.net, Gun Stocks, 90% inletted & profiled, for Winchester, Remington, and other single shot and lever action rifles. (Just 30 miles from Whittington Center, in Cimarron, NM.)

United States Firearms Manufacturing Co., Inc. Tollfree: (877)-227-6901 U.S. Fire Arms Mfg. Co., Hartford, CT, USA - Leading, Made in USA, manufacturer of 19th century guns and rifles - including the Single Action Revolver, US Pre-War, Lightning Magazine Rifle and the Cowboy Action Rodeo.

Victory Molds, "The 1st Step in Award Winning shooting."

Waage Electric, Soft Metal Melting System Products

Walter's Wads, John Walters, 500 N. Avery Drive, Moore, OK, (405) 799-0376, Pre-Cut Vegetable Fibre Wads

www.powderhombre.com - a records keeping workbook designed around the Black Powder Cartridge and the sport of BPCR. Al Whelan, at: oldwest@powderhombre.com

Wild West Mercantile, "The World's Largest Old West Clothing Outfitter"

Wolf's Western Traders, "The" book and supplies for loading the .45-70 black powder cartridge.