BPCR Lubes:



50% Beeswax
50% Ballistol

Vary the Beeswax up or down for a patch lube or bullet lube. I melt the Beeswax in a Pyrex Measuring cup in the microwave. Then add the Ballistol, stir, and pour into a plastic microwavable container to cool. It can easily be re-melted to adjust the mixture.

The rich, pungent, aroma of the Ballistol adds to the enjoyment.

Jack Roberts, silhoutte4570


"Great For Hot, Dry Conditions"     -     sourced from Dan Theodore

Ingredients, Procedures, Notes, etc.

All measures are by volume.

4 parts refined beeswax
2 parts LubeGard's "Valve and Assembly Lubricant"
2 parts anhydrous lanolin.


5 parts refined beeswax
3 parts LubeGard
2 parts anhydous lanolin. "This makes a dandy lube for dry, hot conditions."

Note: LubeGard should be available at any NAPA Auto Supply store.
Note: Refined beeswax and anhydrous lanolin are available from: http://www.from-nature-with-love.com/soap/.

Melt the beeswax and anhydrous lanolin in a double boiler. Once both are well melted, add the LubeGard and stir for a minute. This lube works well for pan-lubing, as well as through a lube-sizer.


"Emmerts"     -     provided by Ken Hurst

This is an old lube but still has a following and has never failed me when using it for Black Powder. I understand it can be used for smokeless if you are using low-pressure loads.

50% bees wax
40% Crisco or lard
10% canola oil

I heat this in a dbl boiler to mix. Do not heat in a micro wave as it offers too much heat usually. I fill my lubasizer with the lube while it is hot and it works well. I have also pan lubed with good success.


"1995 Lube"    -    sourced from Paul Matthews

2 parts yellow beeswax
1 part Pure Neatsfoot Oil
1 part Murphy’s Oil Soap

(easy to make in 8-oz batches)

1) Melt 4 oz of beeswax in the microwave. Usually 6-8 minutes is about the right time.
2) Stir in 2 oz of Neatsfoot oil when beeswax is melted. Stir until the mixture is lumpfree.
3) Stir in 2 oz of Murphy’s Oil Soap, stirring continuously as the soap is added. Again, mix until there are no lumps.
4) Pour into storage containers as soon as batch is well mixed.

Very soft and sticky. Will not melt in the sun, but works well in the cold, too. NOT suitable for pan lubing.

“Shows Promise Lube”    -    sourced from Paul Matthews

8 oz Yellow Beeswax
4 fl oz Pure Neatsfoot Oil
1 cake (3 .5 oz) Neutrogena Facial Soap

1) melt the beeswax over a low fire
2) stir in the neatsfoot oil until lumpfree
3) cut the soap into fine peels, then add to the melted mixture.

Don’t boil the mixture. A very sticky bullet lube. Looks to be very good.

Here are some bullet lubes I have used with very good results in the hot shooting weather of the west. - Mystery Guest

13 oz of beeswax
5 oz of peanut oil
1/2 stick of 50/50 alox
1 oz of anhydrous lanolin

6 oz of beef tallow
4 oz bayberry wax
2 oz beeswax
2 oz synthetic sperm oil
1 heaping teaspoon of Moly

6 oz of beeswax
3 oz of bayberry wax
6 oz of bacon grease
1 tablespoon of Dawn soap
2 tablespoon of neatsfoot oil

40% beeswax
30% conola oil
30% lanolin
......................this looks and feels a lot like SPG

70% Soywax
20% Avocado oil
10% lanolin
......................this is good for cooler weather, spring/fall

Emmerts – for Texas Heat - source unknown

50% beeswax
40% Crisco
10% jojoba by volume

.......................this lube will not foul a .45-2.6 34” barrel

Recipe One

One part clean beeswax
Three parts rendered and refined deer tallow
One part stale canola oil (kitchen reject don't you know)
Powdered graphite (I don't think the graphite play much of a part as it settled out in cooling)

I just shot my C.Sharps hunting gun (74) for the first time at any distance two weeks ago and got a three and a half inch 4 shot group at 300 measued yards with this lube, a Saeco 411 gr 40 cal. bullet silver blade front sight and C. Sharps 108 hunting tang sight cranked up as high as it would go. I would have gone for more rounds but I ran out after walking them up on to the target. I had never shot it farther than 100 yards before. It is a 40-70 SS and I used 70 gr by volume of older Goex 2f. I'm a little worried about the powder. I store it in a chicken coop in a styrofoam cooler and when I tried to pour it out of the can there were big lumps in it. I had to shake the heck out of it to break up the lumps. It has been froze and thawed on and off for at least 5 years maybe longer. I bought it from Coonie's back when Goex was $6.03 per can in case lots with shipping. I used this lube to kill a couple of deer and to shoot bowling pins and steel targets in the yard.

Another traditional one I like. (I substitute jojoba for sperm whale oil.)

One part clean beeswax
Three parts rendered then refined buffalo tallow
One part Jojoba oil (killed a buffalo with this one)

Cold weather muzzle loader patch lube is:

Two parts rendered then refined coon oil (two coons will provide a quart or more of rendered oil and good barbeque plus 20 bucks for the hides)
One part buffalo tallow (this lube melts as you rub it into the patch even below zero)

After I render oils and fats I recook them with water for a while then let them cool until they crust over. I break the floating disc off the water and scrape off the dirt and jelly like junk that clings to the bottom of the disc. I do this to try to eliminate any naturally occuring salts in the animal fat. I used to bear oil my muzzle loaders and they'd rust over night in a damp tent until I started water cooking the salt outa the fat.

Duke Munger