The BPCR group has been hosted by Yahoo since June of 2001 - growing to over 1350 good folks, currently.

Email news groups are often considered to be easier to participate in than the Web-based 'boards.' There are options available for the BPCR email news group which even include one that allows you to access the group's postings without receiving any emails at all - by using the Web.

The group is described as:

A discussion group who's primary interests are in the techniques, equipment, experiences, questions, and stories about the Black Powder Cartridge Rifle sport. Reloading, shooting, firearms, gunsmithing, and competition will be the core topics, but no public-forum subject is off limits between a family of friends. Civil discussions are the only list requirement. The group members, their interests and expertise, will drive the discussions.

Take a look at the group's Web site here. (You can click on a "Join" link there.)

Or, you can join the group in one simple step by sending an empty email to:

Thanks for your consideration,

Rick A. Shay